The 10 Best Greater Kruger National Park Walking Trails

Today's typical African safari tours as enjoyed from the back of a game-viewing vehicle are an unforgettable visual experience not to be missed. Safari vehicles can cover vast distances in response to game sightings and as most wild animals are accustomed to the sight of vehicles, one is able to approach them closely, affording excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.

However, a vehicle safari on its own lacks the one vital element that made yesterday's 'true' African safari tours legendary, namely the unrivalled sensual experience of exploring the wilderness on foot in the timeless tradition of the early African adventurers - the original, classic African walking safari.

With AFRICA WALKING SAFARIS, not only will you get to SEE Africa's magnificent landscapes and wildlife in all its natural glory from the comfort of a safari vehicle on afternoon game drives, you’ll also get to hear, smell, feel, taste and intimately sense what our earliest ancestors and later explorers experienced travelling on foot through these same wild places on our morning walks.

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations which every traveller of feeling will experience”

William Burchell, Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa (1824)

Following the age-old elephant paths and long-lost ivory trails of the Kruger Lowveld on one of our exclusive walking safaris, you'll find yourself sharing the trail with the ghosts of old hunters in search of Africa's legendary tuskers, arab slave caravans heading for the coast, tribal warriors on the war path, and the spirits of long-departed bushmen hunters, as you journey back in time to a distant age in pre-history when man was one with nature in this ancient cradle of humankind.

African safari tours combined with walking safaris and wilderness trails with AFRICA WALKING SAFARIS are a deeply spiritual journey that will forever change the way you view nature and how the 'true' African safari tour should be experienced.

Sakkie with Nwaswitshaka lioness

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